About Us

It all started with...

Once we were just like you, wandering across the Internet and looking for a simple yet efficient way of creating a website. We've tried different tools and approached them with an open mind, but each time it turned out to be a bumpy ride.

So we stopped and wondered: what if we take all the knowledge we've gained and put it into a brand new platform which allows to have a website in just 3 days effortlessly? And that is how Webengen.com was born.

Collaboration of the future

Webengen is a next-generation platform where webmasters and customers set their own rules of collaboration, giving a space for the creative flow of both parties. And that's the beauty of it: website owners have access to their site from the very beginning and are free to contribute to its development whenever an insight comes. 

Aiming at meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, we make sure that our team consists of true experts with practical experience in web design, coding, marketing, and sales. We can not wait to share our experience with you!

Brand-new. Always.

To guarantee the best user experience for your customers at all times, we are automatically updating the sites with the release of new browser and OS versions. We keep up to date our platform with the newest trends and technologies and release new features on a regular basis.All of them are added to your web building platform automatically, allowing you to fine-tune your site with just a few clicks while keeping it live.

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